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Pursuant to payment of dividend, the NAV of the Dividend Option under the Plan / Scheme falls to the extent of payout and statutory levy, if any

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Dividend Date - 28-Jun-2017
Scheme Dividend Individual/ HUF (Rs. per unit) Dividend Others (Rs. per unit)
HDFC Cash Management Fund - Call Plan
Direct Plan - Daily Dividend Option0.12350.1144
Daily Div Reinvest0.12240.1134
HDFC Cash Management Fund - Savings Plan
Daily Div Reinvest0.12620.1169
Direct Plan - Daily Dividend Option0.13040.1208
HDFC Liquid Fund
Daily Div Reinvest0.12220.1132
Premium-Daily Div0.14920.1382
Direct Plan - Daily Dividend Option0.12420.1151
HDFC Liquid Fund Premium Plan
Daily Dividend Option0.14920.1382

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